Basic bang trim

22 Apr


Begin by sectioning off bangs.

I go straight up from the edge of one eye

up and around to the edge of the other eye.

Then hold the bangs between your fingers.

Next, pull bangs into the center of the face. This will create a slightly rounded bang.

Here comes the first cut! A general rule of thumb for bang length when cutting on wet hair is the bridge of the nose. (the hair will shrink after it dries) I am doing this on dry hair so I did eyebrow length.

You did it! You could stop here if you want to.......

This next step softens the blunt edge. Take a 3/4 inch wide section in the middle and pull it out from head.

Find your guide! It will be the shortest hair. You are trying to take off that corner, see it?

Cut up from the guide and get the longer hair. Scissors should be pointing towards the ceiling ūüôā

Repeat this step two more times with a section to the left of center and to the right of center.

The cutest customers are always the hardest to please!

Make sure you steal a kiss anyway!

Lice? Not nice.

11 Mar

The dreaded letter came home from our kids’ elementary school. ¬†You know the one. ¬†Printed on pink paper so you won’t miss it. ¬†The one announcing a lice problem at the school and what to look for. ¬† When I saw my best friend go through an outbreak at her kids school last year I knew I was in trouble if that ever happened to us. ¬†After she found a couple of lice eggs in her daughters hair, she slathered mayonaise on everyone in their family, TWICE, just to be safe! ¬†The word alone gives me the heeby jeebies. ¬† That would lend to a very stale day, having to wash everything in the entire house for fear of lice spreading rampantly through 7 people. ¬†Oh, and a dog. ¬†Do dogs get lice?

Luckily, the secretary at school, Ms. Dye (had a fond place in my heart for her the very first time I heard her name)  eased my anxiety a bit when she told me that the the best way to prevent lice was to use hairspray.  OH YA!  I fall short in a lot of places, but that is one place I am not lacking, the hairspray department!  Kenra #25 (you know, the BIG can) has been and will yet remain my number one choice of arsenal in my fight for good hair around here!

For information on what lice and nits (lice eggs, yick) look like and how to treat, click here.

I’ve gotta stop now because my scalp is itching! ¬†Bye!

Scunci Hair Elastics = Unhappy Me

28 Jan

Getting four heads of hair done in the morning, NOT even including my own, is a real feat! ¬†Every second counts when we are racing the clock to get two of my girls on the bus and my little boy off to preschool. ¬†That is why sc√ľnci clear hair elastics=unhappy hair dresser. ¬†Just the fact that they stretch to a horrific size so I have to wrap it around a braid or pony tail six or seven times drives me nuts. ¬†I want three times MAX! ¬†I also don’t want to have to buy elastics every week, so I like to re-use the clear ones for as long as they hold up. ¬†These ones have to be thrown away after the first wear because once you take them out they are thin, stretched out, worthless things.

The kicker though happened this morning.  I was feeling pretty awesome that I had gotten myself and the munchkins all ready to go to story-time at the library. They looked half decent and my hair was even done in a loose side french braid, and all by 9:00 am.

As I am sitting in story-time I hear a pop and then feel my hair fall out.  My elastic broke.  This is tragic for a hair stylist because it feels like a betrayal.  In the past I might have been very embarrassed, but hey, I was just happy to be out that early in the morning.  Luckily story-time was nearing the end and I did not have any more errands to run.  Needless to say I have now committed this brand of elastics to my brain and will not buy them again.  Even when they are the only ones on the shelf at the store and I am desperate.  That is when I will come home and turn to my good old friend, Amazon!

P.S. ¬†I do like sc√ľnci brand colored elastics just fine. ¬†It’s the clear ones I am going to steer CLEAR of.

Happy 4th of July (on the 8th)!

8 Jul

Thanks to my sister-in-laws friend, (stay with me) we did our girl’s hair in a festive hair-do for the 4th of July. ¬†Alas, we would be driving home for most of the day, but it still made me feel patriotic none the less!

If you have guts….

22 May

Buying professional product is a dilemma many of us have faced. ¬†“To buy or not to buy, that is the question!” When it comes right down to it, spending over $12.00 vs. $2.00 on a can of volumizer seems excessive when you only consider the price. ¬† But, do you have GUTS????

Redken Guts is just one example of a professional product that will change your life. I have used this for over 10 years now.   Why?  Because it it gives me incredible volume when I round brush.  If you have a volumizer you swear by, please share!

Five reasons to use professional haircare product sold by a professional:

1.  You only have to use a fraction of the amount, so it will last longer than store bought product.  (I am having flashbacks of the Aquamarine shampoo I used as a kid.  It was so watered down a handful would be wasted as it ran through my fingers.)

2.¬† It’s water soluble so your hair will not have build-up and will thank you every day by being SO much easier to style. ¬†If you could only see the gunk I have had to scrub off of bathroom doors after moving into a new place. ¬†That, my friends, is cheap hairspray and I assure you that Kenra #25 wipes right off!

3. ¬†Sure, department stores carry name-brand salon products, but those are called “diverted” products. They are not much cheaper than at the salon and who knows how old they are.

4.  Even my mom is hooked and cannot go back.  She is not someone to spend money unnecessarily either!  I also have a friend who recently changed from using Herbal Essences (I could not comb through her hair when I cut it) to a professional product and she said it has made a HUGE difference in how her hair feels!

My advice if you are nervous about taking the plunge into the world of haircare products is to start with just one or two things.  Shampoo and conditioner are basics.  Ask your stylist to recommend something for your hair type.

Here are my favorites at the moment:

  • Amplify Shampoo and Conditioner #2 for color treated hair
  • Peppermint Scrub Clarifying Shampoo by Paul Mitchell¬† (ONLY use once a week.)
  • Redken Real Control Deep Conditioner
  • Aquage shine drops and Redken Guts (I use these after washing my hair, before blow-drying.)
  • Kenra #25 hairspray, the BIG can!

P.S. With all this said, I know there are many of you out there that have a non-professional product you use and love.  If you use it I will still be your friend!   I want to hear what works for YOU!